Selling! It’s so HARD! I CAN’T Sell!

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Selling is actually easy. Especially for heart-centred service-based offerings like coaching.

But first you have to understand that heart-centred selling is about CONNECTION.

You can create your coaching program offering, launch it and then go out and sell it. Many do. But too many times it’s a struggle.  So many coaches feel unsure of themselves, they feel false and ‘salesy’ so it’s really tough, uncomfortable or worse, fruitless.

What’s the answer?

The key, the secret sauce, the magic Ingredient is YOU and your CONNECTION with…


I am talking about the total connection you create with yourself when you connect to your story.   That is, when you connect with your life’s journey and what all the ups meant and what all the downs taught you.

I’m talking about understanding at the deepest level what made you choose this current path (or indeed how your current path ‘chose you’) and giving time for what makes you feel most on purpose and alive.

Then, you will begin to gain clarity on your ideal client.  Your ideal client is the one that makes YOU feel the most fulfilled in service and they actually bring out the best in you too.  Once that’s totally clear, then and only then will you truly be able to take yourself and your service out into the world and confidently and elegantly be able to talk to your prospective clients with a passion and from a place of absolute knowing that you are the solution to their pains, fears, needs and wants.

Connect first with you and the connections with others will follow.

Before I reached out to Sanae, I was not sure if I had selected the right path for myself and the right services for my clients.  I wasn’t sure how I would connect with the right customers for me….Sanae was very quickly able to take the information I shared with her and create a compelling story and a way for me to bring all of me into my business.  I now have a lot better idea of who my clients are, and how to use my story to attract these clients.  I know now why some of my own copy was not resonating with me and why this is so and how to change it.”  Charlotte Malmberg Jacob, Owner of Pragmatic Transformation


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