Should I Narrow My Coaching Niche?

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*** $4997 in just 3 weeks ***

My amazing client messaged me this exciting news – She’d signed her first high end client in just 3 weeks of starting coaching with me (this was after 7 painful months of zero engagement in her coaching business)

Want to know HOW?

She got clear on her coaching niche and her Ideal client avatar, which meant she was easily able to create powerful messaging that resonated with her target audience at a deeper level of understanding.

She put together a coaching package that she felt incredible about and which spoke directly to the pains and desires of her people.

And then she promoted it in all the right places.

Are you resisting narrowing your Niche?

I get it.  Coaching is powerful and what makes it so brilliant is the positive life changing impact that coaching can have on the lives of so many different people on so many different levels.

Perhaps you’re afraid that narrowing your niche means closing the door on so many ‘potential’ clients, and losing that potential revenue.

Maybe you like the idea that everyone is a potential client and your answer to the “What do you do?” question changes according to the person doing the asking.

Possibly you’re spending a lot of time and money attending networking meetings, speaking to everyone (and at best securing a coffee date)

If any of that resonates with you then I am here to share with you 7 powerful reasons why narrowing your niche will transform your business success and FAST

And just to be clear, when I talk about your “niche” I’m talking about something  you’re truly passionate about, as opposed to what you think you should do, or what others say you’d be ‘good at’.  Your chosen niche must make your heart sing.

It’s the thing you could talk about enthusiastically all day long and where you’re most confident and purposeful.

You don’t have to be qualified but you do have to be credible so your authority can come from official training or from the school of life! It matters not.

Benefits of nailing your niche:

1. Your coaching packages, your marketing and your messaging becomes laser focused, relevant and powerful as opposed to blanket (read: bland)

2. When you show up with clarity, confidence and credibility you become influential and inspirational i.e you create a state change in your audience to want to take action with you

3. People love specialists and have an increased expectation of success, so as you own your specialism, your audience will have increased confidence and belief in their ability to get the results they want with you

4. You don’t have the pressure of having to try to “convince” anyone of the value of your coaching.  If you have to convince or persuade anyone? Then they’re not your ideal client.

5. You can be more strategic and selective about where you spend your time because you know where your ideal clients are hanging out, saving you precious time, money and energy

6. You become recognised as the Go To expert in your specific niche thus increasing your referral rates, your confidence and your fees

7. You get to work with the people that you love to work with!

I’m lucky that I get to be a part of the experience of that moment when a coach gets the clarity on her niche and her passionate and purposeful why (because it’s what I do!).  The most common metaphor that my clients say of the feeling and the follow up energy is that “it’s as though a fire has been lit under my ass!”

So you see, it’s not just powerful for your marketing and your stand-out authority status, it’s also magical alignment for your energy and your action-taking!

(And it means you can finally finish your website!)

Love Sanae

Are you ready for more clarity, confidence and clients in your coaching business?

Then join me for Clarity to Clients – a tailor made 4 week 1-2-1 programme for female coaching entrepreneurs.  What you’ll get:

  • 90 Minutes ‘Nail Your Niche’ session to kick-start
  • 3 x 60 minutes calls held weekly
  • My “YOU” story-telling technique to help you connect and close with your prospects
  • My Unique Message Matrix for creating content every single day
  • Coaching package Creation support worksheets, with assessment and feedback
  • Support and mentoring with creating impactful messaging and sales copy that converts
  • 30 Days of email coaching, Q&A and support
  • Voxer S.O.S interim availability
  • All calls recorded for you
  • My love and undivided attention for you and your business!

CLARITY TO CLIENTS starts with my signature 1-2-1 game-changing “Nail your Niche in Ninety” session.

During your 90 minute session we are going to dive deep! You will emerge with clarity on YOUR unique purpose, and how your personal story will resonate with others and act as the foundation for your fulfilling, profitable business.

You’ll learn a unique technique for sharing your story that will create powerful connections and enable you to sign up clients without ever needing to “sell” yourself and your coaching again

 You’ll also have the basis for creating your AMAZING coaching packages  – packages that speak DIRECTLY to the needs and wants of your ideal clients.  Packages that you know you can deliver because they are a true embodiment of your unique gifts and talents.  No more self-sabotaging beliefs that sound like “What if I can’t deliver?”

FINALLY you can free yourself from the stuck feeling of not knowing what to say everyday – you’ll know EXACTLY who you’re appealing to and how to communicate with them. You’ll never again utter the words “What am I missing?”


Ahhhhh Alignment…

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Working with Sanae I was able to get clear on who I was, what I do and what results my clients get when they work for me. My niche was no longer a mystery. I was able to start looking at what results my ideal clients wanted and also learned how to clearly state that in my marketing… I now understand the power of just being me in my business as that is the best I can offer my clients. I also fully appreciate the email coaching that comes with working with Sanae. She actually helps with practical things that help you make a decision. If you truly want to step out doing what you love with an implementable plan then Sanae is my Number One go-to coach” Omozua Isiramen – Life Coach

Sanae showed me the power of connecting with myself. I’ve gained clarity in my ideal client and my own story, where it helped my sales calls right away. What I love most about Sanae is her approach is 100% focused on me, and an uncovering of what I had in me already. It left me speechless. It was so powerful that I kept buzzing after our sessions. I highly recommend Sanae!!! She’s amazing and her approach is so unique, it’s so effective especially for service-based entrepreneurs.” Whitney Mullings – Brand Therapist

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Your Investment in this 4 week intensive programme Clarity to Clients is $2k.

If you’re ready to say YES! to yourself and your future clients then click on the link to book your initial consult with me.  This is a no obligation call to see if we’re a good fit.  If it’s a YES! then we can book your 90 minutes call there and then!

I can’t wait to speak to you!

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