Your bank balance is the clue that you’re NOT showing up!

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I wonder what you’re first thought was when you woke up with morning.  Did you bounce out of bed excited for the day ahead…or was your first thought “Oh no, here we go again” accompanied by a feeling of heaviness, a pressing on your chest or butterflies in your stomach.

What is that weight?  Responsibility.

As entrepreneurs, it’s all on us.  We have to learn new levels of responsibility and the most difficult part of this is that the income generation is totally on us.  If we’re not making money, then we are NOT showing up in some way.

Showing up, for me, has several layers of meaning.  Are you showing up literally?  Are you presenting yourself, your ideas, your value, your hints and tips and getting your message out into the world every day?

Are you showing up with conviction and confidence?  With total belief in yourself and your worth AND your ability to help others get their results? Have you created packages and products that are a total embodiment of all of your unique gifts and talents and that you are totally aligned with?

Are you showing up on behalf of your business?  Are you taking consistent, disciplined action and following through on your vital inner work and flexing your mindset muscle with persistence and tenacity?

Are you showing up authentically?  Are you having a good time and being just Wonderful You?  Are you sharing your story to help others with theirs, allowing yourself to be vulnerable and brave on behalf of your passionate WHY?

Watch my short video that explains how the state of your business in a reflection of your mindset and then consider in what areas are you not showing up in your highest and best self and what you can do IMMEDIATELY, like NOW that will have the most impact in your business success.



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