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Do you find that you compare yourself to those coaches on Facebook, you know the coaches that you resonate with and it can send you in a negative spiral of self-doubt.

You say things like:

“She always knows what to say!”
“She ALWAYS has such amazing content!”
“She gives soooo much VALUE….”

“WHO’d listen to ME??? I don’t have that much VALUE to give!! I never know what to say!! …”

This my darling is called “stinkin’ thinkin'” and is screwy because….
“SHE” is speaking from HER heart and giving HER magic away and sharing HER unique gifts….

You love HER stuff because it’s what you need, when you need it and you’re very likely to represent the qualities of her ideal client…Yes – she’s talking to YOU!!

SO, when you stop trying to BE like HER…and start being YOU, you begin to unleash YOUR magic, YOUR unique gifts and attracting the people who will say those things about YOU!

This is where you have to get in alignment with what’s in your heart.
What’s YOUR passionate message? How can YOU help your people?

Align with your passion and your purpose and then stand out for EXACTLY that.

And remember, you’re NOT your ideal client. BUT your ideal client is YOU from way back when….You now represent what’s possible for her so go out there and share YOUR journey. Create value by sharing how YOU made the changes in your life!

That’s where YOUR power is.

Sanae x


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