Surrender and Allow More Flow

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Do you sometimes find yourself affirming positivity, through gritted teeth?

Does your daily mindset work feel like a way of forcing away the negative stinking thinking that is always looming and threatening to overwhelm you?

Basically, are you afraid to feel what you’re really feeling because you don’t want to manifest the bad stuff?

It’s not surprising you’d want to ignore, push away and deny anything that feels bad. As a child, your expressions of anger, frustration, or sadness may have been dismissed or met with disapproval by your caregivers.

And as a conscious adult now, you’ve watched the film “The Secret”, and now you’re anxious about what might manifest when you feel bad.

Either way, we’re afraid to feel those “negative” feelings and so we exert mental energy and take action to distract, delude and deny what’s really going on within.

As within, so without.

My client last week shared how she’d been waking up over the past few weeks with a feeling of trepidation and dread. She was working hard to maintain her positivity and optimism but she was all too aware of this disquieting feeling that was in her energy field.

She’s an amazing leadership coach and since joining my Coaches Business Accelerator, she’s been attracting quality clients, she booked 3 paid Corporate speaking engagements and is celebrating successive income months: In month 2 she made 5k, then 7k in month 3, and then 8k in month 4 (in Euros)…

…She’s never experienced this kind of consistency before and it’s been wonderful. She’s been applying the mindset techniques that I teach and implementing the marketing strategies and it’s all working great.

And now, the egoic mind chatter is kicking up an internal storm! Her new level results have triggered some previously dormant subconscious fears and so her monkey mind is doing its best to pull her back to ‘safety and to her comfort zone.

Her mental chatter sounds like “This is a fluke; it can’t last; It’s hard to maintain, it’s not real”

For a week or so my client forcefully did her mindset work, fearful of the consequences if she “let go” of her tight rein on positivity and optimism, until she came to me and told me what was going on.

Surrendering and Allowing More Flow

This fearful clinging to positivity and optimism and ultimate rejection of the real feelings serves no purpose other than to perpetuate fear and push away everything desired.

When we deny what’s really going on beneath the surface, and we distract ourselves with noise such as social media, Netflix binges, food, alcohol even listening to spiritual teachers on Youtube, we create an effect that’s rather like a pressure cooker.

We get momentary relief but the negative energy, or pain-body as Eckart Tolle calls it, stays stored within and grows stronger through our denial of it.

This negative energy carries a charge, a vibrational frequency that attracts to it anything that is a match thus perpetuating the reasons to be fearful, anxious, and unhappy.

This is why so many people feel stuck and trapped – the year in year out, generating the same results no matter what they do. They get busy working at the effect end of their results without ever dealing with the cause.

The truth is, your natural state of being is one of love, bliss, and peace. You don’t have to try and force yourself to feel these.

All you’re required to do is reveal them, to come home to them, to allow them by letting go, surrendering through complete acceptance of what is.

Give yourself the gift of total conscious awareness of what is going on inside your body, like shining a torchlight on those dark recesses of your subconscious. The dark can’t survive the light.

Stop pretending to feel anything other than how you feel but don’t judge, defend or justify how you feel. Just feel.

As you do this, you’re likely to experience some physical and emotional pain but you don’t have to identify with it. Witness it but don’t become it.

Go into it deeply and as you do, you’ll no longer feel it as “bad”, it just is. With full attention, the dense energy will dissipate and you’ll experience it transmute back to nothingness.

And in this process, you come back into your natural state of being, that is to say, you come back to love, bliss and peace. This is your natural, abundant and receptive state of being that allows everything to flow to you with much more ease and grace.

This was a breakthrough moment for my client as she realized this was a time for letting go, surrendering, and stepping up to her next level.


P.S. – If you’re done with the struggle and want to create more ease and flow, as you monetize your message and rise above the noise as the go-to expert in your niche, then book your call with me here, and let’s talk!


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