The answer to entrepreneurial struggle and overwhelm

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Most coaches spend the first few years of their entrepreneurial journey on a pendulum, swinging between the white knuckle rollercoaster ride and a sort of entrepreneurial groundhog day.  I know I did.  I’d be carefully managing my state (so as not to meltdown!) whilst engaging, not only in the physical hustle but also in the mindset hustle too.

What do I mean by the mindset hustle?

I’m talking about the daily practices that keep anxiety and fear at bay.  The daily processes for keeping your vibe high and your focus trained on your goals. I worked hard on my mindset and I certainly reaped the benefits.

As I dove into my subconscious to clean up the negative beliefs and money blocks, I established a sense of calm and joy around my business.  It took time and eventually I had a sense of being in control and feeling fully up to speed with exactly what it took to manage a profitable and fulfilling coaching business.

BUT…and this was a big but,  I had a pattern that was keeping me stuck at a level that I was fast outgrowing and so I was feeling increasingly frustrated.

The pattern?  Well, I’d set myself a next-level big goal and get all excited and then I’d introduce so much struggle into the equation.  Everything would feel like hard work and I’d wind up overwhelmed by everything that I had to do in order to have a hope in hell of achieving my big goal.  To the point that I’d question if it was even worth it!  But then I’d think “Come on Sanae, you CAN do this!! You’ve achieved great things already so this is just the next thing…

Yet each night I’d fall into bed exhausted and dissatisfied with myself because I was focusing on what I hadn’t got done, rather than celebrating the mini-milestones!!

Result?  Burn-out.  Even if I’d achieved the goal, the joy was tarnished by fatigue and the celebration postponed.

Can you relate?

This is all sabotage and I came to realise that in order to reach my next level of success and growth I had some really deeply ingrained beliefs that I needed to dig up and release.

So, here it is, the answer to freedom from the self-sabotaging struggle and overwhelm:

There is a mass consciousness on this planet, a dominant belief in our society that if anyone is to achieve greatness they have to struggle and toil.

Like a badge of honour we pride our struggle to get from our A to B.   We talk about getting to the top of success mountain as an analogy because it implies the arduous climb, weighty backpacks and navigating risky cliff edges.
Perhaps at one time or other you’ve got a kick out of listening to shouty motivational videos (I know I have!)

We relate to our peers and connect with our families through sharing stories of tough times and how hard it is to achieve big goals bla bla bla…  The corporate mindset reinforces this belief – the harder you work the more rewarded and revered you are.

Our basic human need for connection is being met via struggle.

So how does this impact your next level success in business?  

Well, holy shit!  If you’ve got the dominant belief that in order to succeed you have to work really hard and there’s no gain without pain then you’re going to sabotage yourself at every turn.

Everything will become a struggle and you’ll perpetuate overwhelm in order to keep you safe and protected from the next level success…because next level success means next level struggle!!  Er, No THANKS!!!

It’s all a big fat LIE!!

As entrepreneurs, we have the opportunity to paint a new canvas.  No more boiler room sales tactics.  No more hustle and grind.  No more shouty motivational videos (that are great for the athletes of the world but not for success in business).

We get our connection needs met via appreciation and self-acceptance.  Tuning to the frequency of love and connection from within.  Releasing resistance and being more open and allowing.

We need to breakthrough the discomfort of telling people “I love my business, it’s so easy, money flows in and I’m working less than I ever have” (Oooh can’t you just feel the disapproval from your parents, your dear friends in the Corporate world…we risk rejection and abandonment)

We are here to experience expansive joy and abundance and as vibrational beings, our work is always about tuning ourselves so as we do the inner work, our outer reality shifts – it’s the law of cause and effect.

It’s time to release the final layers of societal beliefs that greater success brings a greater sacrifice and struggle and cultivate from within the vibration of significance, connection, and love.

That’s freedom.

Sanae xoxox


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