The Difference Between Success or Suffering in Your Business

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Before I go into what makes the difference between success in your business or suffering, I’d like to clarify what I mean when I talk about success.

My favourite definition of success comes from Earl Nightingale and is this:

“Success is the progressive realisation of a worthy goal”

Irrespective of where you’re at on your journey, if you have a worthy goal and you’re working steadily to realise it, then you’re successful.

– So what causes so many people to give up on their worthy goal?

– What causes amazing coaches to get inspired by a desire but never follow it through?

– What causes the sleepless nights and suffering when the clients aren’t knocking down your door to work with you, causing you to shrink back?


Belief is of course essential. Essential! You’ve got to believe in your desired outcome, but what underpins belief?

What holds you steady until the belief really gets imbued at a cellular subconscious level?

The answer is of course Focus.

  • What you focus on, you feel, whether it’s real or not
  • What you focus on directs the flow of your energy
  • What you focus on, you manifest

A fantastic analogy for the power of focus is racing cars. I heard this from Anthony Robbins. “When your car begins to skid, the natural reflex is to look at the wall in an attempt to avoid it. But if you keep focusing on what you fear, that’s exactly where you’ll end up. Professional racers know that we unconsciously steer in the direction of our focus, so with their lives on the line, they turn their focus away from the wall and towards the open track.”

If you’ve been having fun, feeling inspired, and sharing your stuff on Social Media but you’ve not had any inquiries from potential clients, you have a choice.

You can focus on “I’m doing it wrong! I’m missing something! No one is buying! What’s wrong with me? I’m not good enough! This isn’t working!!”

Which is going to cause you to freak out and shrink back in fear. Which usually sets you off frantically being drawn to shiny objects or looking at what everyone is doing and completely losing yourself.


You can faithfully focus on your vision and say out loud “I love knowing that every post I share gets me closer. I love knowing that my ideal clients are seeing my stuff! Every day I’m growing in confidence and momentum! I love sharing my message! I know I’m on track by the creativity that is flowing through me!”

Focusing every day on what you want pulls what you want closer to you. You’ll attract new conversations, ideas, and opportunities. You’ll have inspired downloads and hunches to act – and when you do, make sure you act!

Exercise your focus muscle every day and that way you’ll never hit the wall.

Peace out.

Sanae xx


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