The real reason you’re struggling

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I want to “dare” to suggest the REAL reason that you’re NOT making consistent money month in month out in your coaching business.

I want to talk heart to heart with you about what is really at the root of the struggle and it doesn’t matter exactly what your struggle is (ultimately it all amounts to the same outcome – zero paying clients).

Perhaps you’re struggling to come up with content to post in social media day in day out and it’s grinding down your energy; Maybe you’re struggling with fears – fear of visibility, or failure or not being good enough and that is keeping you small. Possibly you’re doing everything that you know you ought to be doing but still nothing is working and this is leading to crises of confidence and overwhelming self doubt.
It’s at times like this that you’d be forgiven for questioning the value of your daily inner work and throwing it out the window with a “this shit doesn’t work for me!”

I believe that the root cause of all of those struggles stems from a lack of connection.

Let me explain.

Basically, the success of your business boils down to your sales success right? Your ability to attract wonderful clients to you and have them want to invest in you=sales success. And in order to have the sales success you have to have confidence…


When it comes to sales, Confidence is vital. If you lack confidence your prospect will be able to sniff that out a mile off. Confidence enables you to boldly show up day in, day out. Confidence enables you to build coaching packages that you believe in, that you have conviction in your ability to deliver. Confidence supports you in every way in terms of charging your worth and shouting about your value from the roof tops!

And in order to have such confidence you need to have clarity and certainty.


CLARITY is vital! Clarity in what you do, who you do it for, how you do it, as in, how you help your clients. Clarity in your message and your mission so you can reach exactly who it is that you’re wanting to reach. Clarity in your passion and your purpose so you can easily navigate the road-blocks and stay on track.
Clarity and certainty quite literally slays those limiting beliefs too! But, where does that clarity and certainty come from…


And in order to have such CLARITY, you need to have that vital CONNECTION. I’m talking about Connection with YOU!
Connection with your story and your life’s journey. Imagine being able to join the dots of your unique story and recognise how each of the events and instances of your life happened for you, not to you.

Once you have totally connected with YOU and with your life’s journey, and you’ve connected with what all the ups meant and what all the downs taught you, when you’ve connected with why you are now choosing this current course and with what makes you feel most on purpose and alive, when you’ve connected with who makes YOU feel the most fulfilled in service and why they do (because your ideal clients WILL bring out the best in you too), then and only then will you truly be able to take yourself and your service out into the world with clarity and confidently be able to talk to your prospective clients with passion and from a place of absolute knowing that you are the solution to their pains, fears, needs and wants.

Watch my video on how to build that connection.

Watch Here: The REAL reason you’re struggling in your business



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