This One Practice Helped Me Get Debt Free!

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At my lowest point, I was £47,788 in debt.

I was overdrawn on my bank account, up to my eyeballs in credit card debt and I had a 5-figure “IOU” to my mom!

I’d spent years trying to get a handle on my financial situation. Over the years I tried all the debt management methods, budgeting apps and repayment strategies out there and nothing worked for me!!

And worst of all, the shame was debilitating.  I told no-one about my “dirty little secret”, like, NO ONE! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a spendthrift and I don’t have a designer shoes and bags addiction! Far from it!

My vice was personal development and the lure of shiny “quick win” solutions to my business growth challenges and of course, you can guess how all those played out!

Anyway, I shan’t go into the nitty-gritty of my back story, you can read all about it in my book PAID IN FULL. Find out the full story of how I got debt free in 6 months. After 23 years of being in debt, so it was no mean feat I’ll have you know!

Rather, I want to dial into the single most powerful contributor to my freedom from debt. If you do nothing else but this, you will start to experience incredible shifts.  I’m talking about improvement to your positive mindset, greater receptivity to new and creative insights and ideas. And a general movement forward towards your intended outcomes, dreams and desires.

Cool huh?

Ok, so what is this one magical practice? Use your imagination.

No, I mean…that’s IT!  I’m talking about using your imagination!

We are the only species on the planet, as far we know, that has been endowed with the gift of imagination.
Your ability to imagine is truly your genius power! Take a moment with me to just consider it!
Your ability to mentally visualise an event and then to actually experience that event viscerally in your body is phenomenal!

So, what do we go and predominantly use our imaginations for?


  • We imagine that people will judge and criticise us and so we shut up, sit down and shrink ourselves to stay safe.

  • We think of bills, bills and more bills piling up with no means to pay them and so we endure sleepless nights, racing hearts and gut-wrenching anxiety.

  • Or, we imagine desperate toe-curling conversations with our ex-boss, asking for our job back because our coaching business was a flop. Maybe not that one, but you get the picture, all thanks to the genius power that is your imagination!

You must get yourself down to the spiritual gym, flex your focus and train your imagination. This, hands down has changed my life in so many wonderful ways including being debt-free!

There is so much compelling evidence to back up the powerful force that is your imagination and how it can support your goal achievement.
Successful men and women have known this for centuries – that when you focus deliberately on what you want, and you visualise yourself already having it you are literally crafting it, and calling it into your reality.

Your subconscious mind controls 95% of your thought processes, your reactions and your behaviours based on a blueprint that has been created from your life experiences and conditioning.

Anything you practice for long enough becomes second nature i.e walking, eating, brushing your teeth, driving your car, bad-mouthing yourself, worrying and other such unhelpful, limiting and repetitive thought patterns. You do all of these things without any conscious effort, that is without ‘thinking’.

This blueprint is an accurate reflection of your past. The really scary part is that without deliberate and conscious intervention it will also become an accurate reflection of your predictable future.

Nothing changes until you change. Different faces, different places, same shit! It’s scary because most people are ignorant of this and no matter how unhappy, broke and frustrated they are, they will continue to perpetuate the same results.

Ever wondered why you keep attracting the same type of partner? Or why you’re always the one who seems to get bullied by the boss no matter where you work? Or why your income oscillates around a certain level?
It’s no wonder so many people feel like a victim to external forces and helpless to change anything.

So let’s come back to your Genius Power and why it works.

Your subconscious mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined. On first blush that seems like a flaw, however, it is one of the most powerful advantages you have for getting whatever it is you want!
When you imagine an experience so vividly that you have a visceral, physiological response, this is evidence that your subconscious mind believes that the experience is actually happening.

It’s the reason why your heart rate increases, the blood rushes from your face, your jaws clench, you sweat profusely in the midst of a nightmare!
You’re just having a dream and yet your body is having a very real physiological reaction, your body is in fight or flight because it doesn’t know the truth – which, of course, is that you’re safely tucked up in a warm and comfortable bed!

Equally, when you’re in love and you think about your partner, your brain releases a chemical cocktail of “love drugs” such as vasopressin, adrenaline, dopamine, and oxytocin that gives you the sensation of butterflies in your stomach, your face flushes, your heart races with excitement and you feel, and look, radiant.

Whether it’s a nightmare or thinking about the one you love or any other experience you can imagine, your body experiences it as though it’s real and therefore, according to your subconscious mind, it actually happened.
This is significant because each time you “experience” the event that you’re imagining, you’re creating an imprint on your subconscious mind thereby creating a memory.

Should you happen to visualise the same experience frequently and allow the feelings to flood your subconscious mind, your body at a cellular level begins to change to reflect that imagined experience.
Quite literally, your blueprint is altered and you change your state of being.

Your state of being will resonate at the frequency of that which you’ve been focusing on and imagining. And by virtue of the powerful Law of Attraction, you will attract everything that is a match to your dominant vibration – the exact circumstances will manifest.

So don’t hold back!! Unleash your genius power and become a manifesting MOFO!

Love Sanae

p.s If you want to get yourself free from the emotional burden of debt and you’re ready to show up and shine your life, standing in your power as the quantum creator you then join me in my Paid In Full & Prospering Academy today! You’ll be so glad you did!


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