Uplevel Your Business Mindset Changing The Way You Think

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As an entrepreneur, there are countless lessons to be learned and mistakes to be made. However, there are a few key things that, if embraced earlier on in your entrepreneurial journey, can save you a lot of time, energy, and money.

Uplevel your business mindset changing the way you think

In this blog, I’m sharing 6 lessons relating to mindset changing the way you think that will have a significant impact on your entrepreneurial career.  These are lessons that I wish I’d learned earlier that would have smoothed out my own journey a lot more!

1. Identify as a Business Owner:

One of the most important things to embrace early on in your entrepreneurial journey is the fact that you are a business owner, as well as a Coach. This may seem like a no-brainer, but it’s easy to pour all your attention and focus into what it takes to be an outstanding, and successful coach/ healer/ therapist, that you overlook the importance of stepping into the role of business owner.

So when it comes to running the business, you get caught up in the day-to-day activities of being “in” your business, instead of taking a step back to work “on” your business.  You put important responsibilities, such as understanding your numbers, planning and strategising on the back-burner.

Failing to fully own my role and responsibilities as a business owner kept me playing small too.  I often felt like a fraud.  Especially at business networking events, I wondered if someone would notice I was a “little girl” who didn’t belong in the room full of grown ups!

When you identify as a business owner, you step into a powerful role and attract the resources, ideas, and opportunities that come with being a professional business owner.

2. Mindset: Underestimating Cause and Effect!

As the old saying goes, “Your thoughts become your reality.”

All the usual symptoms that we associate with the pit-falls of entrepreneurship such as chronic overwhelm, analysis paralysis, procrastination, doubt etc…All come from an internal belief system.

All the results we create, and perpetuate in our external reality are reflections of our internal reality.   For example, it didn’t make any difference how hard I worked to make more money, or how committed I was to my affirmation practice, I was never going to budge my financial situation and the debt I was in until I upgraded my paradigm around money and debt.

When you understand mindset changing the way you think, your beliefs and thoughts have a direct impact on your results, so it’s essential to be aware of what you are thinking and feeling at all times.

When you understand the connection between your thoughts and your results, you can start to make positive changes in your life and business.

3. Making Money is Easy:

Many entrepreneurs struggle with making money, but the truth is that making money is easy.

When you are in alignment with your passion, values, and expertise, you will naturally attract money to your business. The key is to let go of any limiting beliefs you may have about money and start focusing on the abundance that is available to you.

Most of my clients will attest to this truth.  The moment they let go of the resistance they’re harbouring, and practice the frequency of having “it” now,  the money flows in.  By “it” I mean whatever signature desire they attach money too.  It’s different for everyone but in general terms it often shows up as a frequency of security,  love,  recognition, and the feeling of having “made it”.

Your energy and the energy of money must be a match.  Imagine what might change in your external reality if you changed the way you think about money.

4.There is no “Profitable” Niche:

Another misconception that many entrepreneurs have is that there are certain niches that are more profitable than others.

This is simply not true.

It took 9 months, and a major breakthrough for me to truly own this lesson.  For example, in my early days I was trying to shoe-horn myself in to the Corporate leaders space because I believed that only people who are in that world could afford to invest in a coach.

I learned the hard way that it’s not about “affordability”, it’s about your positioning, and the values of your audience which determines whether they choose to invest or not.

So, it’s not the niche that makes a business profitable, it’s the entrepreneur.  When you are in alignment with your passion, genius, and values, there is a very real shift in how you “show up” on behalf of your business.

Your energy, and enthusiasm is infectious and inspiring, and your expertise is influential.   You will naturally attract the right clients, and make your business profitable. Don’t compromise your values or passion for the sake of chasing a “profitable” niche.

5. Your Ideal Client is Always You:

One of the most powerful things you can do as an entrepreneur is to understand your ideal client. The truth is, your ideal client is always you from a previous point in your life. You have likely gone through similar struggles and challenges as your clients, and this shared experience can be incredibly powerful in building a connection with them.

A common mistake that many coaching entrepreneurs made when they hear this 5th lesson is to focus on the catalyst situation, rather than the person.  For example when I heard this early in my career, I thought “Oh? Should I be a divorce coach?” Because I’d not long since navigated a very painful and traumatic divorce, which was the catalyst of my journey into coaching.   This is focusing on the catalyst situation, rather than who I was being (or not being) that led up to the divorce.

I recently spoke to a coach who was setting up to help people who had suffered an injury (because her own injury journey was the catalyst for her personal growth journey).  She was struggling to get clarity around her message and she didn’t feel aligned.  Again she was focusing on the catalyst situation, and not the person.  This realisation alone, she described as “profound” and now feels aligned with her true ideal client.

When you can relate to your clients on a deep level, you will be able to help them in a much more profound way.


Finally, this biggie.  Trust.  Trusting that everything is always working out for you.

Trusting that your ideal clients ARE coming.  You’ve got to trust in order to continue to show up, and share you message, even when you think no-one is watching.  Cogs are turning in the unseen.  Momentum is gathering with your every move forward.

Trust your instincts, your intuition and your inspired downloads.

Trust that it’s safe to relinquish control of every outcome.

Trust that everything is happening for a reason, be it a lesson you need to learn, or a step back in order to take a leap forward.

Trust that you’re not alone in your journey.  Forces are at play that are operating for your highest and best.  You just need to align to your highest and best so they can show up.

This means letting go of resistance, having more fun, being more playful and light-hearted, resting when tired and laughing more.  Laughing a hell of a lot more.

In conclusion, embracing these 6 lessons early on in your entrepreneurial journey can save you a lot of time, energy, and money.  When you can change the way you think, you change your personal reality.

Identifying as a business owner, having the right mindset, understanding that making money is easy, realizing that there is no “profitable” niche, understanding that your ideal client is always you (and the distinction between the situation and the person) and, of course, trust are lessons I wish I’d learned earlier in my entrepreneurial career and learning that mindset changing the way you think is crucial.

Remember to stay true to your values, passion and expertise, and you will surely succeed.

Love Sanae



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