The Week I Turned Pro

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My background is Management and Coaching in Sales.  My successful sales career  in Financial Services, began in 1998 and over the years I was constantly growing and stretching and applying myself.  I achieved my then ambition of Senior Manager of the Flagship Branch of the business and this for me felt like the height of my professional career. 

Then in 2012 life, as it often does, began to unravel for me personally and I embarked on a journey of breakdowns and breakthroughs that led me to a Life Coach. I experienced the power of personal coaching and as I began to really understand and embrace the principles of coaching, I began to take action to strike out in a new direction and completely transform my life. 

I studied everything I could get my hands on around personal development, coaching and human behaviour.

One of my biggest breakthroughs throughout that journey was my realisation that I had been ‘staying small’ my entire life.

Even though professionally I was successful, I had so much more inside of me and I’d always held back from really stepping up beyond myself. I didn’t know really who I was or what my lifes purpose was. I’d spent a lifetime working hard to fit in, to be like everyone else and I learned not to speak out.

That was crushing.

So, in 2014 I made the bold decision to start my own coaching business and against all the ‘best advice’ I quit my 9-5…

Fast forward to now.

So, today I am the happiest, most fulfilled and on purpose I’ve ever been in my life.   I am passionate about my business, my clients and the freedom that I have created.  I enjoy a life that at one time felt too ‘out there’ to imagine.

Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t always like this.

I had a few jump starts and stalls along the way. I’ve had moments of crying in the shower (yes I know you know what I’m talking about!) and I’ve had to endure uncomfortable conversations with my loved ones (“Got any paying clients yet?”…”No, not yet…but….”) and I know how it feels to have to ‘rob Peter to pay Paul’ some months just to make ends meet.

So, what changed? I call it The Week I turned Pro. The week that I discovered my Secret Sauce. The week that changed EVERYTHING for me and my business. The week I got CLEAR.

The moment I found clarity, the fear dissipated, I was free to take massive, focused and re-energised action.

I was able to think clearly and pool together all my resources, my knowledge, my strengths, my intuition and my experience and turn my business around.

No more ‘stuck’. No more struggle and fear. No more debt and money worry. Oh! The lightness of it all!

What happened in the ‘week I turned Pro’ was the breakthrough that what had been missing was a VITAL alignment between my strategy and my psychology.

I got clear on my passion and my purpose and then my process just fell in to place. It was as though a fire had been lit under my ass and I worked like a crazy lady for a straight 96 hours!  In that time I didn’t eat! I barely slept! I only left the house to put the bin out for the bin-men! I was completely 100% aligned from my breakthrough and wild horses couldn’t stop me.

In those hours I created my signature programme, I created content, I showed up multiple times a day on Facebook and Periscope (the live streaming platform as it was then) with such enthusiasm, authority and expectation. Within no time, I was starting to get messages from prospective clients; I booked 11 discovery calls in 3 days and signed 3 clients within that same week.

I’ve never looked back.

And that’s why now I’m on a mission!

My mission is to help other female Independent Coaches get clarity, to be crystal clear on their passion and purpose, and then help them to build their business around exactly that.

Because THAT is the ‘secret’ to success.

My clients love the business of being in business and earning the income they deserve.

Sanae x

P.S Want my help?  Are you ready to end the cycle of ups and downs, inconsistency and struggle?  It couldn’t be simpler to get started.  Just click on the link to book a 30 minutes initial coaching consult with me.  During the call I’ll help you get clarity on your coaching business vision and HOW to make that vision a reality.

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