What are you really selling?

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I had to write one of those “strongly worded” messages to my cleaning company on Friday.

I was NOT a happy bunny.

Every Friday I pay for the luxury of a home cleaning service – I figured I’d much rather be writing to you or coaching a client or live-streaming!

Lately standards have fallen but not enough to bristle me much (and I have to be honest – it takes A LOT to grind my gears but anyway…).

But last Friday when I went to inspect I was pissed off!! I found myself fishing glass bottles out of non-recycling refuse bins, cleaning smeared mirrors and finding the front door key that they use had been dropped on the drive right outside my house. Reckless!!

So what’s my point in sharing this with you?

Well, interestingly as I started writing to the cleaning company I found myself getting emotional.

I connected to why I was using their services and why I felt so disappointed.

Here’s what I wrote:

You provide a cleaning service but the truth of the matter is, that’s not what I’m paying for – that’s not the real value.

I’m buying time to do what I love and I’m buying relief to be able to slump at the end of a busy week into my settee without thinking about having to clean my home.

What I want is for someone to care so much about what they do and that was the experience I had initially from your service. I had a sense that you cared and some of the finishing touches made me feel like I’d walked into a hotel bathroom or bedroom!”

I’m sure by now you’re getting the point of why I’m sharing this with you.

I’m not buying cleaning.

It’s the same for your clients. They aren’t buying your coaching. They’re not buying EFT. They’re not buying Reiki or diet advice.

So, that’s NEVER what they’re paying for.

So, what are you selling? Really.

Sanae xx


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