What The “I can’t afford you” Folks Are Showing You

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So you’ve created an amazing dynamic conversation with a prospect, you know they’re a great fit for your coaching, you’re excited to help them and they’re giving you all the positive signs that they want to work with you…

…And so you deliver your pitch.

You explain your offer, you tell them your rates and then…

…Comes the pregnant pause.

And they respond with “I need to think about it” or “I can’t afford it!” but you can feel an energy shift and something tells you that you’ve lost them. You’ll never hear from them again!

I want to raise your awareness to what might be being reflected back to you by these precious experiences, especially if they’re a common occurrence for you.

I remember being so impacted by Neville Goddard’s book called The Feeling is The Secret and in that book is the line “the conscious impresses and the subconscious expresses”

And if you subscribe to the principles behind the Law of Attraction, the Law of correspondence and the Law of Cause and Effect you’ll know that “As within, so without”

Which basically permits you to view every experience as a lesson, and therefore a gift.

So, what’s the gift in these “I need to think about it…like never” and the “I can’t afford you” folks?

Well, they may be indications of where your next level of growth work lies because they’re reflecting back deep rooted insecurity, lack of self belief or low self worth.

Don’t worry, the prospects aren’t aware of this, but they will be subconsciously picking up what you’re subconsciously putting down.

Think of it this way, we’re never NOT communicating! 7% is verbal, 93% is non-verbal. We’re communicating constantly through our body language, tonality and then those involuntary tics and fidgets that give us away. Your skin tone flushes, your pupils dilate, you swallow nervously or your jaw tightens…

In that moment you’re communicating.

The prospect doesn’t know why, but they feel something is off and so you get the “I need to think about it” response. If you lack self value then you’re going to hear “I can’t afford you”

These prospects are a match to your self-belief.

So what’s the solution?

Firstly, if this resonates with you then celebrate this awareness because you can change what you’re aware of.

Secondly, consider where else these beliefs about yourself might be showing up in your life. Once you’re aware, you can begin to take your power back there too!

And then start owning your value in the world. You are worthy and deserving by virtue of being born. Your experience, knowledge, gifts and skills are valuable to the people you’re here to help.

It’s time to own it!

Love Sanae

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