What to do if your business and client flow has ground to a crushing halt

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I’m trusting my love that you’re reading this because you needed to today.

I get these intuitive nudges and downloads and this came up this morning loud and clear as a sounding brass.

As our good old pal Einey says “You cannot solve your problems with the same thinking that created them”

So my love, if things in your business feel like they’ve ground to a crushing (and oh so confusing) halt and you’re beginning to freak out, this is definitely for YOU!!

Very often our default response to ‘things not working’ is to ACT!! We take action.

However, when we’re in Freakedouts-Ville and we’re taking action from that place, we’re trying to solve the problem, from the problem, whilst in the problem…which is, ahem, the problem.

Can you relate? Haven’t you ever torn down your sales copy, amended your entire coaching package portfolio and slashed your rates? All from a scared energy of “This is not working!!”?

The solution?

The solution is simple ( and I guarantee you’ll love it )

The solution is to do your energy work first, before you do anything else. You’ve got to get yourself into the energy of the solution.

You do this by stepping off the entrepreneurial roller-coaster and shutting your lap-top.

Take yourself out into nature, do some exercise. Meditate. Visualise. Journal. Practice gratitude.

Shift your state and raise your energy back to where it once was when you were getting results. As you do this, you’re back in an aligned place, opened up once more to inspiration, ideas and creativity that when you act upon them, the results will start flowing again.

Success is a habit. Prosperity is a habit. Staying sane is a habit!

Catch my live-stream on this topic here:

What to do when business and client flow has ground to a crushing halt

Love Sanae x


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