What’s Missing??!!! What am I doing wrong???!!!

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How are you doing? I trust this finds you happy and in a high vibe!

I want to address something today that comes up time and time again when I’m speaking to new-ish Coaches who are struggling to grow their following and attract their ideal clients from on-line platforms such as Facebook.

It usually comes up as the question (or lament) “What am I missing???!!” or “Nothing’s working! I’m doing everything that I should be doing and still nothing’s happening!!”….

…closely followed by a melt-down.

If this is sounding at all familiar, it could be one ( or all! ) of the following for you:

1) A matter of time

It could just be that you need to give it more time.

Show up every single day consistently and persistently!  Day after day after day. Not one week in and then one week off but every single day for weeks and weeks.

You want to be rising to the top like cream!  You’re giving the best chance for your people to see you and hear your message and by showing up consistently and persistently you’re showing the world that you’re here to stay and this builds trust in you and your brand.

(Why not download my TOP 5 FACEBOOK EXPERT POSITIONING POSTS that will help you to build that “know, like and trust” factor if you’re stuck on this)

2) A matter of mind-set. 

This is the one where everyone groans and says “really?” and I say “Absolutely!” (Big cheesy grin plastered all over my face!)

You see, if you don’t believe in yourself or that you can make this happen you’ll be communicating that on a sub-conscious level and sabotaging any chance of success even before you begin.

Do your inner work without fail every single day, twice a day if need be.

Express gratitude and journal on all those fears and limiting beliefs.  Shine a spot light on them and watch them dissipate because fear really doesn’t survive under scrutiny.

3) A matter of Alignment. 

It could really be as simple as that.

You’re not aligned with your passion and you’re not clear on your niche and ideal client.

This is the biggest bummer of all and one that will hold you mired in struggle and overwhelm.  So, How do you get that crystal clarity, that much sought after alignment?

You look inwards

Consider your own life’s journey and what matters most to you and why. What struggles have you overcome? What was the point at which you said “Enough! I refuse to live like this!!”?

Aligning your psychology with your strategy is one of the most important steps you can take to create more joy and prosperity in your business (and your life).

Stay high vibe and happy and remember, where your focus goes, energy flows!!



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