What’s the one difference between success and struggle?

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My client, let’s call her Kiera, was doing everything she knew to maintain her positive mindset…

Every day she wrote her journal, meditated, exercised and ate well.

She smiled a lot and told people “Business is going great, thank you!!

But it all felt so fragile – as though it was taking extra effort to hold it all together.

She’d wake up some mornings feeling more tired than when she went to bed.

She’d get a pang of dread in the pit of her stomach as she fired up her lap-top to start her day again wondering where her next client was coming from (if at all) and she worried about paying her bills constantly.

She’d started her beloved coaching business 6 months earlier and she hadn’t made more than a few hundred pounds. Despite her passion and her burning desire to help others, she herself was struggling.

Kiera’s story isn’t unique.

Many coaches experience the emotional rollercoaster – some days are high and happy immediately followed by meltdown and tearful days.

So what is going on?

Why should it feel so hard to make money in an industry that is booming (the personal development industry IS growing!)?

Why do some make $0000’s and seemingly so quickly and some struggle for years only to throw in the towel on their dream business?

Why do some coaches struggle with the inconsistency of income? Big money months followed by ZERO money months?

The answer?

One word…


What you believe is EVERYTHING.

The stories you tell yourself both consciously and subconsciously are dictating your ability to make money with ease or struggle.

Your self-perception, the stories you tell yourself and the beliefs you have got both conscious and sub-conscious are dictating your results – Wanted and Unwanted!

This is exactly why I begin my BLAB Academy coaching programme with a 2 week module purely on mindset – even before we get to the NICHE and IDEAL CLIENT clarity!!

Once Kiera raised conscious awareness to what was really dictating her outcomes and she started taking aligned and inspired action, her business took off!!

And she’s never looked back!  So, Dear Coach, What beliefs are in your way?

Sanae xx

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You must also be an action taker – no excuses!

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Love Sanae x


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