When choosing your Coaching Niche, do you prioritise Profit or Passion?

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When I quit my corporate salary to start my own coaching business, I was so PUMPED!

The decision came after many years of feeling lost, and going through the motions of my career with no sense of purpose or meaning.

But life, as it always does, threw me a line in the form of the most challenging and tumultuous wake up and shake up call.
I went through a painful and messy divorce, losing my marital home and my sense of stability in the process, which resulted in serious career wobbles and then 6 months of mental ill health.

As I emerged from this time, the dust settling, my attitude to life had done a complete 180 and I started to ask, in earnest “What is my purpose?”

I won’t go into the details, suffice to say I got my answer clear as day, in a Eureka style flash of inspiration, that uplifted me beyond description.

I’d NEVER considered starting my own business before but the moment the idea struck me, I knew without a doubt that this was IT. I suddenly felt invincible.

People who cared about me tried to talk me out of it, they were worried. After all, I was a freshly divorced mother of 2 and not long recovered from PTSD and a nervous breakdown…They wondered if this apparent ‘madness’ was a sign that I was still sick.They questioned “Who pays for coaching??” “Why would someone hire you? Aren’t you supposed to have all your shit together??”

Perhaps you can relate?

Regardless of the risks, the nay-sayers and my ignorance I leapt courageously and unquestioningly into the unknown. I felt alive for the first time in decades!

In a matter of months I went from long term employed to budding [wet behind the ears] coaching entrepreneur…I got a couple of coaching diplomas and started investing in business courses and a business coach.

This was when I unwittingly SLAMMED THE BRAKES on my joyful journey; I stalled, I hit a wall and any other metaphor you can think of.


Because I was suddenly being asked to define my niche and my ideal client avatar.

I balked at first and resisted massively. I resented the idea of having to limit myself, it felt restrictive and I’d argue that I want to help everyone and coaching is good for anyone! I was scared of missing out on potential clients if I narrowed my marketing.

It had been months since my last corporate paycheck and I wasn’t earning anything so I relented.

This was when fear really started to kick in. I was terrified of making a mistake, and choosing the “wrong” niche, in other words, one that didn’t pay or that had no real validity or longevity.

I got hung up on what category of people would have the money to spend on coaching, and then I felt paralysed by my inadequacy of being able to offer any real value to financially wealthy people. I know, right? WTF??!

I flip-flopped from niche to niche for 9 months. Whenever I settled on a coaching niche that made sense to my logical mind, I’d get excited but when it came to implementing a marketing strategy or showing up with consistency online, I couldn’t. My mind went blank.

There was always a sense that something was missing.

It was emotionally devastating. How could this be? I knew with every fibre of my being that this coaching business was my souls purpose so why couldn’t I get this? What was missing??

What I came to realise was that my biggest mistake in searching for my Niche and trying to figure out who my ideal client was, was that I’d been looking outside of myself.  Trying to shoe-horn my skills, experience and knowledge into so called financially viable niches and checking myself against what other people were telling me I should do.

What I was missing was my Passion.

As soon as I acknowledged this fact, I realised it had been staring me in the face the whole time!

I began to look at my life story and join up some dots to help me define and articulate what I am truly passionate about. The ensuing clarity hit me like a second wave eureka moment and as the fire in my belly returned and I once again felt invincible.

This was the start of my Alignment Alchemy process that I take my clients through to help them align their business with their passion.
While my purpose was the map, my passion was the fuel.

As a coach, you can have the most brilliant strategy in the world, but if you don’t love what you do, you’ll fail

The truth is that it’s not a Niche that is profitable…It’s YOU!

This created the biggest shift for me in my business and within 8 weeks of making my own breakthrough, I started signing clients at a rate that was game-changing, mentally, spiritually and of course, financially.

Here’s what’s true: The energy of passion is impactful, influential and infectious!  It’s also natural, sustainable and a mark of authenticity.
It’s impossible to sustain the energy, the excitement and the enthusiasm that is necessary to ride the entrepreneurial roller coaster if you’re not passionate about what you do and who you do it for

Your passion informs your messaging, your offers and your open receptivity to creative ideas, inspirations and resources to support your journey.
Passion also trumps doubt and kicks fear to the curb.

So in short, recognise that YOU are your greatest ASSET in your business and when you choose passion over profit, you thrive.

Sanae x

If you’re stuck on your niche and your ideal client and as a result you feel unable to show up consistently then let’s have a chat! My zone of genius is helping you tap into YOUR zone of genius!

If you’re done with the struggle and you’re ready to take the plunge and work with a coach who understands the journey then book your complimentary strategy call with me and let’s talk about how I can help you tap into your highest potential and reach your goals while have a shit ton of fun!


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