What Happens When You Hire a Coach To Help You Grow Your Business?

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As an entrepreneur, you know that growing your coaching business can be challenging. You may be wondering if hiring a coach is necessary or simply an unnecessary expense.  After all, you can read books, and there’s plenty of free content available online.

So, do you really need a coach?

In short, yes. Hiring a coach can be a fundamental ingredient for success in every area of life and business.

As someone with ambitious goals and a desire to expand and evolve my own consciousness, I invest a significant portion of my income every year in my coaches and mentors. This investment has yielded remarkable results for me, and I am not alone.  All the top performers in their field, be it sports, business, entertainment, or academia, have their coaches and mentors by their side.

What happens when you hire a coach to help you grow your coaching business?

Here are 7 benefits,  I’d love you to add in the comments below what other benefits you’ve found:

1) Relief! The immediate and overwhelming sense of “Ahhhh, I’m not alone in this and I have someone who knows their stuff and can support and guide me and help me get past my shit!” (or is that just me??). Having a coach can help alleviate the stress of trying to figure out how to grow your business alone.

2) Accountability! No more procrastination and excuses! Accountability is a game-changer when you’re running your own business, especially if you’re new to working from home without a manager to answer to.   A coach can help keep you on track and accountable for achieving your goals.

3) Integrity! When you invest in a coach, you’re energetically putting yourself in the right space to be hired by your prospects. If you say “I can’t afford a coach”, then you’re setting yourself up to attract clients with the same money blocks as you, who won’t be able to afford your rates!

4) Commitment! As the saying goes “those you pay, pay attention”.  When you invest, you show up in a way that says “I’m serious” and when you take yourself seriously, the whole world responds in kind. If it’s an investment that scares you (which ideally it is), you’re up-levelling yourself and how you show up reflects that, after all, the investment is a part of the coaching. When my clients sign up to work with me in my Coaches Business Accelerator programme, they’re committed to doing what it takes to build a 6-figure coaching business.

5) Self-Belief! A good coach shifts your perspectives and helps you to fully step into your highest potential. Your coach holds a mirror up to your soul, revealing your innate strengths, gifts, and talents in a way that up-level your confidence and your self-belief and totally lights a fire under your ass.

6) Acceleration of results! Working with a coach crushes the timeline on your results as you’re investing in their wisdom, knowledge, and experience to avoid the pitfalls and help you take the fast route to success. Why waste time trying to figure this stuff out alone?

7) Transformation! We don’t know what we don’t know. A Coach reflects back your unconscious blocks, blind spots, and barriers so you can progress into a shifted, higher state of conscious awareness for true transformation.   And remember your growth journey is never one and done. It’s ongoing and forever because as the saying goes “at every new level, there’s a new devil” AKA self-sabotaging patterns, subconscious blocks, and limiting beliefs!

There are many more benefits to hiring a coach for your ongoing business, and personal growth, these are just the headline pay-offs that you can expect.

As a side note, always do your due diligence before investing in a coach, such as checking testimonials, consuming their content so you get a sense of their values and whether they align with yours, and book a discovery call with them to ensure you’re a good fit.

Love Sanae

p.s If you’re ready to up level your results and make that commitment to yourself, your business, and your future clients, then book a call with me today!

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  1. Sofia Pacifico Reis

    I can defo second this Sanae. having a Coach that keeps you accountable and guides you in your journey is crucial. A Coach that helps you get out of your own head… PRICELESS.

    • Sanae Floyd

      Indeed! It is PRICELESS to have that person helping your navigate the terrain and help point out your blind spots


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