When you hit a wall in your coaching business growth…

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🚧 The YOU that got you here…won’t get you THERE… ❌
I remember it like it was yesterday…
🌧That cold January Friday night, I was lying in the dark on my bed, with my head in my hands 🌧
The noise in my head was unbearable🤯
I was stressed to the hilt and my whole body was tense‼️
Every old fear of rejection and not being good enough had been stoked back to life…
It had been 4 months since I’d signed a new 1-2-1 coaching client ⁉️⁉️
I couldn’t understand it I thought I’d “made it!” I was signing clients consistently and enjoying delicious $10k months 🤑 I was on a roll…
Until suddenly and without warning, it all stopped 😲
As the weeks of zero income turned into months, I did what every self-respecting entrepreneur would do…I started back-peddling furiously 🤦🏻‍♀️
I “analysed” my posts in a vain attempt to see what had changed, I launched offers at desperately low-end prices, without joy, and I tweaked my website copy more times than I care to recall.
All whilst draining the savings I’d built and nose-diving deeper into debt (UH-gain!) 👈🏻
I was scared. I was beginning to believe it was curtains for my beloved passion 💔 my business that I’d put heart and soul into building, not to mention the financial investments I’d made that were close to totalling $100k.
That Friday night as I sobbed into my pillow, a thought struck me …
…“I’ve been here before…”
Oh my god! That was IT!! I’ve been here before! It’s a pattern! I’m recreating a pattern! 🌔
That was my breakthrough moment. I realised that I’d hit an upper limit and was unknowingly and unwittingly sabotaging my success ☄️☄️☄️
Not only was my money story determining my outcomes and my self-worth was limiting my net worth but my belief that I have to fight and claw my way to success was playing out perfectly‼️
We don’t know what we don’t know, right?🤷🏻‍♀️
And I had to hit rock bottom to figure this out 🙄
This was a massive awakening and the breakthrough I needed 🌱
I’d been focused externally and looking for answers in all the wrong places and my business, my health and my sanity had all suffered as a result.
That was the day I turned my prosperity tap on and transformed my business success by tuning🧘‍♀️ in to my patterns of thought and feelings around money and success 🎯
I became a conscious observer and stopped perpetuating my old stories.
If this resonates with where you’re at (or you want to avoid being here) then you’ll want to read on:
📌Do you have an open mind?
📌Are you ready for change?
📌Are you willing to look deep within and take full responsibility for your current results – no blaming or complaining?
If so, I’m here to share 5 Truths about what is happening:
👉Your external reality is a mirror reflection of your inner world.
When your business growth hits a wall and the clients stop beating down your door, you’d be forgiven for freaking out.
Who wouldn’t?
Perhaps you’ve started re-writing your sales copy and vamping up your coaching packages…possibly you’ve done some yo-yoing with your fees (as your confidence is hitting an all-time low).
Truth is, you’re wasting your time.
It’s like looking in a mirror, not liking the reflection and getting a black marker pen and drawing on the mirror!
That’s not the answer!
The change starts from within.
👉Your frequency is tuned to one of lack
Most of us have been taught that we need to work really hard to make money.
You may have discovered otherwise.
It’s likely that some of your previous biggest money months happened during times when you were relaxed and having lots of fun – when you’d released the struggle, so to speak.
However, we tend to easily to slip back into default beliefs when things aren’t working so well.
As stress and worry thoughts start creeping in, you ramp up your activity.
You’re working harder and longer than ever, pushing yourself to the limits and operating in burn-out.
Working harder, pushing through stress and ignoring the signs of burn-out is a frequency of lack and desperation.
Which means Law of attraction will just bring you more of the same and so you’re holding yourself apart from the flow of money.
👉You have a limited self-perception
You have subconscious beliefs about who you are and what is possible for you that dictates (and limits) your outcomes – kind of like a BLUEPRINT.
You are limitless in your abilities and you are a supremely powerful creative being, however life has taught you to believe otherwise.
It’s no one’s fault
The environment in which we were raised and the messages and lessons we picked up from our parents, teachers, peers etc have conditioned us to specific self-perceptions and limited ideas.
Your income will always match your self-perception.
It’s like the central heating system in your home. It has a thermostatic set-point that gets triggered on or off by the temperature of the room.
As your income increases, you trigger your upper limit and that automatically has you sabotaging your best efforts!!
That’s why whether it’s wealth or welfare the situation spans across the generations.
And why you hear stories of lottery winners winding up penniless again very quickly.
As Jim Rohn said, “If you were given a million dollars, you better learn fast how to be a millionaire”.
👉You’ve slipped into complacency
You’ve heard of the 4 levels of competency right?
Unconscious incompetence; Conscious incompetence; Conscious Competence and Unconscious competence.
When it comes to areas of continued potential development, such as our personal growth, there is a fifth level beyond unconscious competence, which is complacency.
Complacency is potential fatal to creativity and ultimately to confidence.
How complacency manifests in your business is that you’re working with clients who no longer excite and challenge you, and you’re attracting a lot of needy clients and the “I can’t afford you’s” (even at your reduced rates)
Now fear is keeping you stuck as you doubt your ability to attract the new level premium clients since you’re struggling to attract the old.
👉You’re not listening to your souls’ whispering
You may be doubting yourself and questioning whether this business is for you because surely no one would put up with this amount of difficulty and stress! Right?
Well, people do tolerate it because of their bogus beliefs as I’ve mentioned above.
Some even tolerate it as a badge of honour.
But not you.
You have a nagging sense that somethings ‘off’.
You love your business and throwing in the towel is not an option, but you know in your gut that it’s not the highest expression of who you really are.
Indeed, anytime you’re struggling, it really isn’t.
You see, you’re here for a reason.
You have a purpose, a calling that only you can fulfil – it’s your unique gift.
When your mission and your message is aligned with your soul’s calling and you’re fully expressing your gifts, those who benefit line up and the money flows as intended.
Sanae x
P.S.If you’re done with the struggle and ready to harness your power to create your best life now, then let’s talk: Apply here to book your discovery call with me: https://bit.ly/discoverywithsanae


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