Who’s really in control of your business?

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Who’s in control in your Business?

Who’s running the shop? Manning the till? Driving the bus?

Is it YOU??

Are you sure?

If it were YOU – the TRUE you – why aren’t you finishing what you started? (oh you know, the courses and programmes you paid for…the events you created…)

Why aren’t you showing up with confidence and consistency?

Why aren’t you promoting your coaching loud, proud and from the rooftops?

If it were YOU – the TRUE you – why are you operating from fear? Mired in struggle and feeling stuck?

And beating up on yourself for your ‘lack of progress’?

And not making the kinda money that you dream about?

If it were YOU – the TRUE you – in control of your business what are you thinking right now about the results you’re currently manifesting?

I’m being in your face because unless you’re having fun, making money, getting shit done in flow and loving on yourself…it’s not the TRUE YOU who is in control of your business.

You see, we all have stories that we tell ourselves – patterns of thought – that determine how we feel – which dictates our behaviours and therefore drives our outcomes.

Stories we developed in childhood to protect ourselves in response to an upsetting event that we didn’t understand and couldn’t process.

And then we locked that shit in.

So every time we face an event that confronts our deepest fears (of rejection and ostracism) we trigger the story…that triggers the feelings…that produces a response…that produces the familiar outcome…that keeps us SAFE.

And small.
And stuck.
And broke.

It’s exactly as if that younger you is still running the show!  She crops up and takes over whenever you’re facing the trigger event.

Let me share with you 2 client examples of particular areas where my clients were NOT in control in their business, from this past week:

Client #1

My client’s recent event wasn’t as successful as she wanted.

Mid-way through the launch she lost her enthusiasm and drive for the event.
This impacted her marketing activities which she approached in a half-hearted manner and the voice in her head started saying “Oh, What’s the point? No one will turn up anyway”…and she was right – it wasn’t as full as she’d hoped.

Turns out – this is her pattern.

She embarks on exciting projects and courses to grow her business but quickly loses interest or “life just gets really busy” and she winds up feeling overwhelmed and either not completing it or half-assing it.

As we dove deep, we uncovered a deep seated belief that people don’t “notice” her. She feels invisible!

This belief has created a pattern of behaviour that prevents her from experiencing the pain of being invisible!!   Of course!  Why would your brain allow you to put yourself out there in really big and exciting ways if you believe that no one will notice you anyway – it begs the question”what’s the point?”

With full awareness of this lie, my client can rewrite her story and reclaim control in her business. This will impact her visibility strategy and have her showing up in her highest and best self, always completing what she starts and maintaining her drive and enthusiasm right to the end!!

Client #2

My client has been in her business for several years -she knows all about marketing strategies and sales funnels and she has so much valuable content…

But she came to me thinking that there must be something she’s missing because she’s not making money…

We got her clear on her target audience and her marketing message which instantly attracted in her ideal clients to her group…YAY!!!

But in our next call it became clear something very obstructive was going on under the surface.

She doesn’t set goals and she doesn’t pour heart and soul to craft her best work and create amazing sales funnels because “I don’t want to deal with the disappointment of all my work going to waste…because it won’t work…because it never does…” Mmm

Digging deeper we accessed an underlying story that sounds like “people don’t like me”. Again, from a childhood experience that she had locked in to keep her safe from hurt.

Now she is working on her truth – that she is loved and worthy – she feels lit up and excited! She’s ready to show up and be vulnerable and share her best work and be the best version of herself fearlessly and on point!!

Happy Days!!

So you see, success is 80% psychology. When you can raise conscious awareness to your stories, and join the dots to see where they came from, you can begin the liberating process of breaking through and reclaiming your control and your full power.

Being YOURSELF is your BEST ASSET for attracting your dream clients into your business.

Sanae xx

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