Why does Up-level feel so ROUGH??!!

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How do I find you today my lovely?

I can tell you that you absolutely can make all your dreams come true and that you can be, do and have everything your heart desires.

And just maybe, today, you know it. Perhaps today is a feel good day for you and you’re stoked to high heaven running a business that lights up every fibre of your being.

Or maybe I find you in a state of recoil, and overwhelm. Perhaps today you’re nursing a mysterious migraine or just wanting everyone to go to work and school already so that you can finally burst into tears in peace!

I know that sounds all a bit over dramatic – or does it? Does any of that resonate with you and how you feel today, or how you’ve felt in recent weeks?

If this is you, then the Big U meant you to find this page today.

It’s very possible that you’re experiencing what is known in the personal development world as an up-level – yes my darling, it’s actually something amazing and to be embraced and celebrated!!

Listen up!

Up-leveling is painful, it affects your body and can manifest as physical symptoms of sickness. Up-levelling means your expanding and growing into a new higher version of yourself.

But, why does it feel so bad?

Watch my Facebook Live that I recorded in my group today for the answers:

I hope that if you needed to hear this message today that it has helped you understand what is going on for you and enabled you to recognise these incremental steps to your dream life and your dream business.
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Have a great week
Love Sanae x


  1. Alisa

    thanks for hte great info

  2. Alisa

    thanks for hte great info


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