Working From Home Requires Being OK With Chaos

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Being OK with chaos.

This was a really tough one for me…I was soooo NOT OK with chaos, for so many reasons and most of them, not the right reasons

So what am I talking about here?

I’m talking about being OK with things not getting done because you’re focusing on your work, on your business, on your big goals.

I like everything in my home to be clean, tidy, organised.

There was a time, I couldn’t stand dishes left in the sink or clothing piles waiting to be ironed and put away.
My attention was always be drawn to bits on the carpet and dusty skirting…

I’d imagine the judgement of others…”Surely she can clean up, she’s at home all day!?”
I’d feel like a bad mother when it’s approaching 7pm and I have no answer to “What’s for tea?”
I’d think about my “poor Jeremy, he’s been at work all day, he doesn’t want to come home to a mess” (Gasp! I know right?!)

I’d be distracted and unable to focus on my work
I’d tell myself “Oh, I’ll just tidy up and then I’ll sit down and get to my work”
I’d set myself a schedule that included planned breaks from work to “clean the house” (no planned breaks that included “Sanae to really take a break from ALL work”)

It took reading a book (which I highly recommend called The One Thing by Gary Keller ) to make me realise that I wasn’t being as productive as I could be and that I was delaying my own progress and making excuses for myself …

In order to achieve our biggest, most daring and audacious goals, we have to be OK with letting go of the other stuff.

Certainly during our most productive hours of the day.

Stuff will build up and we have to learn to be OK with that – To be OK with the chaos until such time that our work is done.

It’s OK for dust and dirty washing to build up until…
It’s OK to delegate / ask for help
It’s OK, nay it’s essential that your breaks are such that they reward and restore you…

Now, for me everything gets done but not at the cost of my most productive hours of the day and my sanity.

And best of all, because I’m taking myself and my business goals seriously, everyone else is too.

Sanae x


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