The World Needs You Raw, Flawed, Vulnerable and Beautiful

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I’ve had agonising days when I doubted EVERYTHING.
Days when I back-peddled furiously to find the point when the whole world stopping taking any notice of me.
When the roar of social media became at once deafening and dumbing.
Nothing made any sense, least of all me.

With my head throbbing, heart heaving and feeling utterly spent I’d hide under my duvet feeling raw and vulnerable.

It hurt too much to imagine doing anything else but when the relenting struggle felt paralyzing it became so damn personal, the rejection acute, unbearable.


You’re in a vice and the pressure is overwhelming.
Hot angry tears flow and burn your cheeks
Resentment. How can the world continue to spin? People continuing on in their easy lives. “It’s alright for YOU!!” is your silent scream.
You can’t even begin to explain. They won’t get it. They don’t get it. They’ll just say “get a job like everybody else”

But, you’re not like everybody else.
I’m not like everybody else.

We’ve been here before, you and I.

We’re fighters, you and I.
We’ve survived before and we will again.

We’ve been here before, you and I.

This turf is our territory.
This fight is familiar ground.

We’ve been here before, you and I.

The question is NOT “Is it time to quit?”
The question is “Wanna witness my RISE?”

Because we’ve been here before, you and I.

You know what to do
You know what it takes
You know how it feels to fight and claw your way back
10 feet tall and bullet proof
To be your own HERO.

Except this time will be different.
You’re going to be different.
Because from now on you’re going to believe that YOU’RE worthy and deserving.
YOU ARE WORTHY and deserving

Your SELF-VALUE and worthiness will no longer come from fighting and clawing your way back
You quit clinging to the LIE that you’re self-value comes from being your own f—–g hero

Your self-value and worthiness will now come from speaking the truth of who you are, flawed, raw, vulnerable and beautiful.

Rise and Soar.

It’s time.

And I love you.

Sanae x


Isn’t it time you started building your business and your financial wealth doing exactly what YOU love to do – from a place of ease and flow?

Are you ‘done’ with the  battle between YOU and your inner dialogue, that leaves you exhausted and spent?

Are you yearning to stretch up and become the woman you were born to be – confident, courageous, action-taking and clear in her intentions and positive expectations?

If you answered Yes! Yes! and YES!

Then it’s YOUR time.  And it’s my job to help you achieve exactly that.

“Sanae’s ability to get to the heart of your personal blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs is her amazing gift. She takes Coaching to whole new level with her wisdom, guidance, and insight. If you’re not experiencing the success you want, you need to call Sanae. It’s the greatest gift you could give yourself”

Dr Maryhan Baker, Parent and Child Coach

“In one hour I got more done, clarified and healed than in a year of therapy! Sanae peeled back the lid on the one thing that’s been holding me back, lurking around in my head this whole time…Sanae helped me not just see it, but kick it to the curb! This lady is GOLD.  Work with her.  If you want a seismic shift, work with Sanae”.

Lynn Louise Wonders, Wonders Wellness Coaching

“Sanae is AMAZING! I have worked with several coaches but Sanae is the most empathetic, intuitive, heart-centred of them all! In a single call, she was able to help me find a major block that was stopping me from being my limitless self! I came out feeling re-energised, refocused and super grateful for my journey so far! If you’re looking for a coach that truly cares, look no further than Sanae! She’ll surprise you! “

Joanne Muturi, Empowerment Coach


These women were exactly where you are now  – stuck and frustrated – being held back from their truly powerful selves and using so much energy to stay small, when every part of them wanted to go big.

If you’re ready to invest in yourself and your business and your willing to do what it takes then we need to talk.

Simply click on the link and you’ll be directed to my calendar to schedule a 3o minutes initial call with me.

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