Your Secret Sauce for Attracting Dream Coaching Clients

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“Got any paying clients yet?”

I remember it so well. This simple, seemingly innocent enquiry from a loved one, felt like an antagonistic challenge to my aching heart.

It felt targeted, aimed and fired AT me like I was being taunted or mocked. Like they already knew that my answer was going to be ‘no’

I wanted to cry but instead, I’d answer “Oh ha! Well, I’m getting there!”…or some such bluster. I’m sure I was fooling no-one. I was fearful and full of self-doubt.

I’d done celebrating making the leap from my 9-5 only to discover I’d created another J.O.B for myself…

EXCEPT this one didn’t pay AND had me working longer and longer hours!

I was stuck on what it was going to take to turn my business into real results AKA paying clients, and income!

And to make matters worse I’d already invested £000’s in courses and programmes.

How did I know this “thing” (as someone once referred to my business) would ever work (read: pay)?

How would I know if I was on or off track??

Short answer: I didn’t

So what happened?

I tapped into my ‘secret sauce’ if you will. And it didn’t exist outside of me. It was all within – pure and simple.

When I STOPPED looking externally for validation and sought internally for what I was most PASSIONATE about in my coaching business I LIT UP! (Literally – I glowed!)

I joined the dots of my story to discover my exact PURPOSE – why everything I’d experienced in my life happened FOR me, not to me.

The moment that I came to recognise that my entire life journey was about bringing me to this place, this point of powerful service for my ideal clients.

I didn’t need to focus on what I “could do quite well” (zone of competence…yawn! )

Or try to emulate what others were already succeeding at (doomed to fail!)

I just needed to clarify and then step into my zone of genius and truly OWN IT!

When you can do that, everything shifts.

Like magic (even though it’s really just you doing you)

Being crystal clear and in alignment with your passion and your purpose, is the single most powerful shift you can make to accelerate results in both your business and your life.


Because it impacts how you ‘show up’ in your business and your life:

>>>Mentally you’re focused, confident and clear. You create your best work with a conscious awareness of your highest mission and message

>>>Emotionally you’re pumped! Infusing everything you do with your natural states of joy, excitement and enthusiasm!

>>>Physically you’re taking mountain moving aligned action, ‘showing up’ and sharing your message, using your authentic voice and drawing your soul mate clients to you

>>>Spiritually you’re connected to your calling, inspired and aligned, operating from your zone of genius, and expressing your unique gifts and talents

>>>Energetically you’re vibing at the highest frequency of passion and purpose – you’re magnetic to everything you desire (you can’t help it! It’s Universal Law! Whoop whoop!!)

It’s no longer a question of “Where are my ideal clients?”

There’s no more discomfort of cold outreach and chasing uninterested leads

When you show up, your dream clients show up.

You’re no longer anxious or worrying about where the next client is coming from…they just keep coming

When this finally clicked for me, I started making money.

And I see it every – single – time with my clients

Your job is to be crystal clear on your passion and your purpose and build your mission AND your message around that…

And then have the most fun watching the nay-sayers jaw hit the floor as you casually tell them “I just made more in one month in my business than I used to make in a year in my 9-5 grind!!”

Sanae x


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