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Are You Sick of Being Tired and Broke?

You started this dream business to fulfil your purpose
You're a damn good coach and you're passionate about reaching more people with your powerful message
You want to have a meaningful impact and make a difference in the world

You've spent £000's on strategy programmes and courses to help you attract more clients

But it's not working. You feel stuck and you're wondering "What am I missing?"

And it's so frustrating because you know you have SO much to offer, you absolutely KNOW that you were born to coach and yet here you are,  fearful, anxious and unable to move forward

Well, first let me congratulate you for coming this far!  Making a decision and taking the leap to start your own business is no mean feat and you're already a success story simply by virtue of your willingness to boldly go after your dreams

Virtual hugs, high fives and chest bumps all round!

And secondly, I'm so glad you've landed here because this is where the struggle ends

Whilst there's no easy one-size-fits-all secret formula or blueprint to attracting and enrolling your dream clients, it is, as I discovered and you will too, simple

Are you ready to discover how to attract clients and start making an incredible income as a coach? 


What People Are Saying

  • Working with Sanae has been a dream and more than I ever imagined! With her guidance and love, I was able to clear some major money blocks and limiting beliefs and up level my business immensely. I can't imagine what my life and biz would have been like, had I not worked with her. I'm truly grateful for her! Highlights of working with Sanae, I would have to say SIGNING ON 2 CLIENTS IN ONE WEEK!! And uncovering the money stories I was holding onto and letting them go.
    Sanae Floyd Testimonial
    Louise Edu at Louise Edu Coaching USA
  • Within 3 months my life has changed. Within 3 months I have made my first 5-figure month! I will be forever grateful for Sanae’s brilliance and expertise...She helps you to turn the art of being YOURSELF into your greatest magnet for your business. I absolutely know that had I not invested in working with her, I’d probably be returning to a 9-5, still dreaming of the life I’ve always wanted.
    Sanae Floyd Testimonial
    Stacey Sargison-Shawe, Life Coach, UK
  • Since working with Sanae, I feel focused, in control and I have paying clients!! When I remember Sanae’s strategies and wisdom during our sessions, I instantly become empowered and focused!
    Sanae Floyd Testimonial
    Kate Rosgen @ Resuscitate Health Coaching, Canada
  • Wow! What an amazing 3 months! I have an amazing business that is lazer targeted, and an amazing new me who's ready to serve my clients powerfully. Before joining Sanae's programme I had no idea what was my niche. I knew I needed to get clear on who my ideal client was and draw out my unique gifts to help others share theirs! Sanae got me from confused to crystal clear! I've never felt so empowered and inspired to be living my life's purpose and making money from doing it! Thank you from the bottom of my heart, coach for life! So much love, Jen xxx
    Jennifer Hall – The Life Buddy