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…Your Purpose Driven Coaching Business!

Are You Ready to Rise Above the Noise and

Attract Dream Clients?

Whether you’re a new coach looking for your first handful of paying clients, or you’re established and ready to scale, you’re in the right place.

It’s time for you to position yourself as the credible authority and rapidly establish your expertise, so you can confidently close $3k-10k coaching clients, and grow your coaching business.

You know you’re ready for Breakthrough, when you’re categorically DONE with the struggle!

DONE with playing small 

DONE with always feeling tired, and broke and

DONE with letting your doubts and fears drive your dreams into a ditch!

Let’s talk about what you’re truly ready for…

Picture waking up every morning feeling excited and energized about the work you do, confidently and effortlessly sharing your message while operating in a state of ease, flow and inspiration.

As you check your calendar every week, you can’t help but feel the thrill bubbling up inside you as you see new discovery calls with ‘all in‘ dream clients scheduled.  You just expect them to say ‘yes’ to working with you, and they do! 

It’s happening – your dream clients are showing up, ready and eager to work with you!

You’re selling high-ticket signature coaching packages and leveraging your time with group programmes, and it feels incredible. 

You’re serving more clients while still providing a personalised touch, and making a bigger impact than ever before.  The success and fulfilment you’re experiencing are beyond compare.

Your network is expanding, and you’re forming deep connections with other successful, like-minded entrepreneurs who uplift, inspire, and empower you every day.

You feel energised and supported to take bold action and pursue your dreams, knowing that you have a community of kindred spirits behind you. 

Gone are the days of living in a state of fear and self-doubt, plagued by the constant sense of holding yourself back.  You trust yourself,  and confidently take bold action with a strong sense of purpose.

You have a plan, the tools and you’ve cultivated your growth mindset to navigate whatever challenges come your way.
This is your time to shine, and you’re living your best life with a sense of fulfillment and joy that comes from being true to yourself.

The sky's the limit, and you feel unstoppable!

I know how frustrating it feels when you’ve been banging your head against the glass ceiling for so long, trying to get clients, make enough money to do what you want, and yet never feeling like you’re making progress.   

Part of you doubts, and wonders how you even dare to dream your BIG dreams. 

You’ve probably contemplated throwing in the towel.  Got that close to saying “F*ck it! I quit!!”. 

But you didn’t. 

And you know in your heart, you never would.   Because your coaching business is your passion, and your purpose and, with what you know? 

There’s no returning to your old life.

Which is why you’re here!

I don’t believe in coincidence.  You found this page because you’re done with the struggle, you know there’s so much more to you than you’re currently expressing and you’re committed to making it happen!

My Job?

I help coaching entrepreneurs, just like you, figure out what you love, and build your business around exactly that. Because, in truth, you can have the most brilliant strategy, but if you don’t love what you do? You’ll fail.

If any of this sounds like you, then we need to talk! 

You feel disconnected from your passion.  You’re amazing at what you do, yet you’re not attracting clients, because you’re unclear on your mission, your message, and why people should hire you.

You’re exhausted from the fruit-less, relentless slog of ‘showing up’ on social media.  You feel invisible because no matter what you do, your business doesn’t grow.

You know you’re undercharging, and undermining your value, but you can’t imagine people will pay your increased rates so this holds you in a place of fear.

You’re frequently caught up in the negative spiral of comparing yourself with others, feeling not good enough, and doubting you’ll ever reach your goals. 

You’re drained by the on-going internal conflict with self sabotage.  You desperately want to build a successful business,  but you yo-yo between ‘massive action’ and then periods of feeling overwhelmed and stuck, which slams the brakes on your productivity, and your progress. 

It seems that no matter how hard you work (and you’re working really hard) you’re getting nowhere fast.  And it sucks. Big time!

It’s time to book your call and get the Breakthrough you need:



Just magical

Sanae helped me to narrow down to within pinpoint accuracy exactly who my ideal client is…Within 24 hours of the second session with Sanae, I booked my first client and also had a request for 12 months’ worth of coaching as well as an opportunity to be a keynote speaker… Sanae had the magic that helped me release my magnetism.

Tish Hawkin ~ Resilience Coach and Best-Selling Author

The Real Me

Sanae uncovered the real me and shone a light on all that I’d been hiding for fear of ‘putting off’ clients. Within 3 weeks I made a 4 figure sale and within 3 months I made my first 5-figure month! 

I will be forever grateful for Sanae’s brilliance and expertise…She cuts out the bullshit and showed me ways that truly work.  She has this natural gift for making you feel as if you’ve known her all your life brings out your core values, dreams, and the true essence of who you are, and helping you to turn the art of being YOURSELF into your greatest client magnet for your business. 

Stacey Sargison-Shawe ~ Life Coach

Amazing Results

I now have the clarity, the confidence, the mindset, and the strategies that I need to fill my client list. I am able to consistently create content that offers value and attracts my ideal clients! This turnaround took just 8 weeks and I signed up 2 clients at prices higher than I have ever charged!  Sanae is a smart businesswoman and a wise coach. She’s got the experience to help me navigate to the results I want and so much more.

I absolutely recommend working with Sanae. You’ll see in a short time changes you thought would take ages – and you’ll be living a brighter, happier, and more successful version of yourself very soon.
Meera Remani ~ Leadership Coach

Nuggets of wisdom

From the very beginning, you were professional, knowledgeable, and determined to allow me to find my own course. Your package has given me nuggets, format, and direction to not only sell myself on my website but to understand my coaching purpose.

The knowledge you have shared around social media marketing has been invaluable and allowed me to create powerful messages and social media interaction.

I fought this little demon until the time was right but eventually the time came to take my coaching business seriously and I am now pleased to say I am 100% committed to making it a success.

Stephen Bell – Resilience Coach

A whole New Level

Sanae’s ability to get to the heart of your personal blocks and self-sabotaging beliefs is her amazing gift. She takes Coaching to a whole new level with her wisdom, guidance, and insight. If you’re not experiencing the success you want, you need to call Sanae. It’s the greatest gift you could give yourself.

Dr Maryhan Baker ~ Parent & Child Coach

Such a Gift

Sanae has an intuitive ability to see exactly what is in the way of growing your business. I was struggling to fill my business group coaching program. Within 2 weeks of working with her, I was able to fill it by adding 4 more new clients. 3 of those clients enrolled a week after working Sanae. She is gifted!

Rashida Gaye ~ Mindset Business Coach

Let’s Reconnect You With Your Passion

Passion is the driving force behind your business.  It’s that mountain-moving energy that derives it’s source from within.

When your business is in alignment with your true purpose, your action taking comes from an inspired place, and is more powerful than any amount of fear-based hustling and grind.


Everything you do is imbued with an infectious enthusiasm, that’s inspiring, impactful and influential.   You no longer attach to the outcomes, and as a result, the outcomes you desire flow in – resistance free.

And You Experience More Joy, Ease and Flow

If you’re ready to experience the freedom, the flexibility and the fulfilment that a thriving passion-based coaching business can bring then book a strategy call with me and let’s talk.

When you Work With Me, You Will:

Reconnect with your Passion so you feel aligned, excited and enthusiastic about your business once again

Implement a marketing strategy that positions your expertise so you get recognised as the authority in your niche, and attract the right clients, hungry to work with you

Get off the hustler hamster wheel with your high ticket packages, so you earn more, work less and enjoy more freedom and flexibility…

Feel empowered around money, overcome the lack and scarcity mindset so you can attract more, worry less and feel in control of your money.

Create the systems that enable you to enjoy growing your business steadily, instead of habitually self-sabotaging and feeling like you’re constantly “starting over”

Clear your self-limiting beliefs and blocks so you can show up authentically, share your message and shine in your business, and your life

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Irina Sanchez de Lozada
Irina Sanchez de Lozada
I want to express my sincere gratitude for the Sanae’s 5 days “Spring into action and gain traction” challenge I attended recently. Wow! I am a long-standing client of Sanae and she has been my business saver throughout the years, but these 5 days were so beautifully structured, so much value, effective and aligned strategies, inspiration and encouragement. I love Sanae magical touch, deep insights, caring and loving nature. I am so blessed to know her and have her as my coach for all these years. She helped me and keeps reminding to connect to myself and run business out of that space, because this is when magic happens, clients flow, money flow, impact created. I highly recommend Sanae for everyone who is struggling with their business no matter if you are a new or established coach, Sanae will show and guide you towards alignment, ease and abundance in your business as she did for me. Love you, Sanae! ❤️
Katia Vlachos
Katia Vlachos
My experience with Sanae has been nothing short of transformative. Each session with her has been a treasure trove of invaluable insights, practical advice, and eye-opening revelations. Sanae's extensive expertise in her field is only matched by her generosity in sharing her knowledge and wisdom.Working with Sanae has not only provided me with the tools I needed to thrive in my career, but also instilled a newfound confidence and passion for my work. Her dedication to her clients' success is truly inspiring. Therefore, I cannot recommend Sanae highly enough. Do yourself a favor and reach out to her – it will be one of the best decisions you'll ever make for your professional growth.
Jeremy Meadowcroft
Jeremy Meadowcroft
You're the most wonderful person I've ever met.
Monica Lopez Anguiano
Monica Lopez Anguiano
An incredible professional that will help you assess, identify, fine tune, and jump to action, in an almost effortlessly way, to define your true niche and attract clients just by being who you are and sharing value with the world in a way that you haven't done before. Sanae is also an incredibly caring and humble human being with a kind heart that shows in every interaction. I loved the program I did with her and will absolutely recommend her.
Dan Simon
Dan Simon
Sanae is an amazingly insightful coach. She is compassionate, honest and direct in helping you move your business forward quickly. I highly recommend her.
Cheryl Shepherd
Cheryl Shepherd
I sign up for many webinars and workshops looking for a gem that I can take away. I recently took a free Business Breakthrough workshop with Sanae Floyd. Her classes were a treasure trove of knowledge. Her insightful approach to building a business was inspiring. She guided me towards introspection and self discovery. I learned how my attitudes and beliefs could guide me to success. In my opinion, her teachings are priceless.
Inna Pak Alper
Inna Pak Alper
I took free 5 days workshop “Expert positioning for profit” with Sanae to clarify my niche as an EFT practitioner! It was very practical, straightforward, clear and useful! Every day we were discovering key moments in different aspects of our business, to recognize what we have, and what should be corrected, healed and transformed for our goals. The path I have to go through to find my ideal client and what I should do for that is much attainable now, than before starting this workshop! Thank you for sharing your passion with us, Sanae!
Claire Ackers
Claire Ackers
Working with Sanae is pure magic. She’s got an intuitive understanding of what you need (even if you engage her for something entirely different), and she is so warm, friendly and genuine. She really knows her stuff, and walks her walk!
Mark Tanner
Mark Tanner
Sanae has been coaching me for many years, a long time to be coached by the same person but this because I always wanted more. Sanae is so good at helping me uncover new revelations about myself, helping me to take my self discovery to new levels. In business, she helped me to identify my ideal customers and the right niche for my coaching and my copywriting businesses, which are now both successful and at the level I want them to be. I can't recommend Sanae's coaching enough to others.
Elsie Roman
Elsie Roman
My time with Sanae changed my life forever. Sanae is most understanding person I’ve ever met. She helped me with my mindset about money and prosperity after a very challenging time of my life. Her book “Paid in Full” was like reading my story. I consider the time together is like an investment in myself with returns greater than any other. My hope was restored and I gained my confidence back. I’m forever grateful.

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Too many coaches waste too much time trying to figure things out for themselves, many give up and throw in the towel because it’s hard on your own.  I don’t want that to be your story.  Book your call with me and let’s make your dreams a reality along the shortest, quickest and smoothest path possible.

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